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by Bob Frey

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When I was young, my Father told me "Don't give your Love before its time Don't give your hand to a man not worthy With a restless heart and a troubled mind He said, "Lo, my darling Daughter You know I'd surely rather die Than to see you lonesome and ill-fated With a restless heart and a troubled mind But, I was young, and I would not listen I mistook lust for something kind Now, I'm stuck here in a wallless prison With a restless heart and a troubled mind Mother said to me, "My heart's a-breaking I cannot bear to hear you crying My dear, I always told you that there's no saving A restless heart and a troubled mind Brother, Brother, please hear me calling Sister, Sister, please help me find Some place to be and someone to save me From a restless heart and a troubled mind
Paladin 05:15
It was a few years after an averted disaster It was Winter, but it was warm A Beauty sleeping, and her Dreamer smiling Culmination of all before It was the very beginning of every next something They'd be better for Evermore As the past lay sprawling with the future calling He was waiting outside her door Through the conquered toppling corridors Back-alley mystery In the Roosevelt Hotel, he slept By the window, restlessly A Busker playing most every day 1960's melodies A freedom rider and a mournful driver Down them old forgotten streets And, when she finally showed, he did not waste time He gave her flowers and a place to sleep Fractured fragments of another time Distant days, best forgotten later Though, their fairytale was always flawed Maybe that's what made it better Two injured souls on a Winter's day Now, redemption in a shining shade He said, "I always knew, Baby, that you'd come around Darling, welcome to our better days Yeah, I always knew, Baby, that you'd come around Darling, welcome to our better days" (Chorus) I could be your Paladin and you could be my Queen We can revel in the comfort of the in-between Though the demons may dance on our romance They could never defeat us, Dear I think we're one step closer to who-knows-where But, it just might be better than here (Bridge) I've got songs in my back pocket I have not sung for years I could play them for you, easily If you think you might want to hear 'em Through the saddened hallways we walked many a time I'd never leave you standing there I think we're one step closer to who-knows-where (Chorus)
Ghost 05:07
I saw a ghost the other nite, She looked a lot like you Through these wounded eyes, you never did look better Drinking whiskey with them barroom boys, all vying for your hand And, an invitation back to your room when the nite grew later I watched this dirty little scene a thousand times before It takes me back into the days when we were together When I'd plead with you to come on home and show me I was wrong You'd laugh at me, say "I thought that you knew me better" Still, I saved up all my wages and I offered you a ring I sold my best guitar and I borrowed from my Brother Why you ever did accept it, I guess I'll never understand Nor forgive myself that I ever made the offer You told me it was nothing, but the truth was in your eyes It wasn't so much what you did, but, that you chose to lie I could've walked away right then, I suppose I should've run Now, I'm living with the choice I made and the things that I have done December is the darkest month, 'least that's what I've been told It sure felt dark that Winter nite by the Lake so long ago A Storm set in and the Wind blew hard and I drank that bottle down And, tried my best to forget as I drove back into town Now, all these boats need bailing and the water's getting high It won't be long 'til all these lakes are frozen Like the memory of you screaming on a dark December nite In my deepest dreams, I cannot forget you falling I saw a ghost the other nite, She looked a lot like you...
(Chorus) It's a hard luck world It's a bitter pill She was a hard luck girl With lots of hard luck skills She's heard it all before She wears a slinky dress And, as he promises more, and more, and more She is not impressed Her mind is someplace else His arm is 'round her neck He leans in for a kiss She gives him just a peck He says, "I'll take you dancing I'll buy you diamond rings!" She says, "Well, ain't that something" But, it don't mean a thing How She ended up here Just kind of went that way Now, how She'll ever leave here She wonders everyday (Chorus)
Guillotine 04:55
I'm sitting slowly on a Tuesday, in the shadow of the City Out back, behind the bar I'm waiting for a Friend, before the poetry begins Spring is singing and the Summer ain't far There is rumor of tunnels and old-time connections, but, Nobody knows for sure We're just trying to survive the most recent election, and Thinking about a cure We're just trying to find a way to endure Somehow this place has always seemed to endure I wonder why I never come here anymore West Bank, Darling, and, just across the River, I remember Watching from the window of the tower as you shivered and slept Above the stadium Lying close with you, and, holding you tightly Waiting, Faithful, for the big trucks to come in And, in the middle of the nite as the world was sleeping In the darkness, we made desperate plans I still believe I was always at my strongest I was always at my very best when... (Chorus) When it mattered most When we was on the line When you needed Hope I gave you all of mine Now, we spend our days Under the guillotine But, til the blade comes falling We're gonna live like we don't see it We're gonna find some way to beat it We're gonna figure out how to cheat it And, Lover, walk away Yeah, Baby, slip away And live another day My Beauty, it's the only way I wrote you nine farewells and eleven hard promises That I never said 'Cause most of these things that I write at nite It's kind of like you already read Sometimes I drive around the Lakes and I think about the days Before we ever had to think of "last" I give it just a minute, I let myself be in it But, I know we'll never get it back I do it for You, You'd do it for Me, but It's really not about all that... but, it's about all that Now, everywhere we look there's somebody losing something It ain't nothing like our way-back-when When I waited for you with the radio on And, nothing but time to spend You always looked so pretty as we walked around the City It was something just to hold your hand I would leave you letters on your car at nite Think I was always at my very best when... (Chorus)
I wish I was a dog and everything was easy I'd lie around the yard all day just waiting for someone to feed me I wish I was a dog living slowly with my people I'd be the first one there to greet somebody knocking upon our door If I was a dog, I'd learn to sit so quietly Yes, I'd stay in place delightfully, in the moment, all time If I was a dog, although a Storm, it might concern me But, I would never need to worry with you standing by my side If I had a big wet nose, it'd be the first thing that I'd follow I'd learn everything I need to know just from sniffing on the ground If I had a tail, it'd surely be the end of me 'Cause I'd always give myself away in the way I'd wag it 'round If I was a dog, I guess I couldn't play the guitar But, I'd do my best to sing my songs, Friends, a-howlin' and a-bayin' I wish I was a dog, 'cause I wouldn't think too hard about it Think I'd just sort of, kind of know it, to find a final spot for layin'...
Gig 06:03
(Chorus) Friends, I'm just trying to work my gig I'm just trying to hold things down It's getting harder all the time Everywhere I look around There's people barely holding on There's families barely getting by I may not love the work I do Friends, I do it to survive Aggie is a painter, 'least that's what she says Her boyfriend's selling baggies 'round the bend I met 'em both one nite at Jennifer's Who's making jewelry out of guitar strings My cousin drives the open road 2000 miles most every week Hauling containers to the coast Pays for a house where he barely sleeps And the dancer, and the fighter, and the actor in the wings The daydreaming accountant writing songs he never sings The prostitute would tell you, "We're all doing the same thing..." We're all just working gigs, And, the prize is on a string We're all just working gigs Amy works the daytime bar She likes the hours, but the money's tight Her husband carries for the U.S. mail The kids are grown and it works alright They're home together every nite And, the girl who left 'em wondering why she never did show up To her first day after learning that she finally got the job Maddie, at the diner, says, "It ain't really no big thing... We're all just working gigs..." As the door behind her swings, and the telephone is ringing (Chorus)
Movin' On 05:29
I lie awake the other nite, my Dear Thinking only about you When the sleep if finally found me I was dreaming 'bout you, too When I awoke I felt beside me Then, I remembered you were gone You are somewhere far away tonite My Love, I guess you're movin' on They said that loving you was poison And, I suppose I always knew Though I heard all of them stories I never knew if they were true I see you time and time around here But, I never can look long I'm trying my hardest to forget you girl I'm trying my hardest to move on I saw you just the other nite, my Dear In the place we used to meet And, though I thought that I was over you I suppose you had me beat Though, it's true you used me thoroughly Though I know that it was wrong I can't stop thinking 'bout you every single day My Love, I just cannot move on (Repeat 1st Verse)
Runner 03:45
Runner, it's okay to slow down Runner, it's okay to slow down It's alright to stop awhile and take a look around Runner, it's okay to slow down Ever since I met you, you've been chasing after something Til something started chasing after you Since then you've been running, and I'm just trying to keep in stride Runner, nothing else that I'd ever do Runner, it's okay to take some rest Runner, it's okay to take your rest Ain't no one ever doubted that you tried to do your best Runner, it's okay to to take some rest All our secrets should be celebrated and revealed But, Runner, we know that ain't how things always go As it is, the two of Us, and everybody looking in But, there's no way to tell 'em things they'll never know As it is, the two of Us and everybody looks away There's no way to tell them things they don't wanna know There ain't no use in worrying 'bout the rain There ain't no use in worrying 'bout the rain Even if them grey clouds burst, the Sun will shine again There ain't no use in worrying 'bout the rain A long-haired girl in a denim coat, a dusty county fair A cover band from a town away, and Autumn in the air A kiss atop the ferris wheel as the nite falls all around Runner, it's okay to slow down An August nite, in the fading light, I pull you closer to me, now Runner, it's okay to slow down I steal a kiss on the ferris wheel from the prettiest girl around Runner, it's okay to slow down
Who's a-gonna miss me when I'm gone? Who's a-gonna miss me when I'm gone? Who's a-gonna miss me when I'm gone? I guess I'll never be around to know Who's a-gonna pull my winding chain? Who's a-gonna pull my winding chain? Who's a-gonna pull my winding chain? I suppose it won't be pulled again Who's a-gonna play my big guitar? Who's a-gonna play my big guitar? Who's a-gonna play my big guitar? I hope somebody gonna pick her fine Who's a-gonna sing them songs I sung? Who's a-gonna sing them songs I sung? I wrote 'em and I sang 'em 'til the day was done Who's gonna sing 'em when I ain't around? I wasn't perfect, but, I did the best I could I wasn't perfect, but, I did the best I could My bad decisions, in the end, they kind of lookin' good I wasn't perfect did the best I could I Love my Wife, I Love my Son, and I Love all my Friends I Love my Wife, I Love my Son, and I Love all my Friends My Parents and my Brother, you know, in the end Ain't nothing matters more than all of them (Repeat 1st Verse)
One more time, Darling One more time, my Beautiful One more time, I'm asking Little Darling, just one more time One more time, Baby One more time, I'd do it all again One more time, I'm sayin' One more time I'd take your hand It was the best, Darling The day I saw You, Darling The day I met You, Darling I knew that I was falling One more time, Baby Can we go back there, Baby I won't tell nobody Just want to see You, Baby Just want to kiss You, Baby Back for the first time, Darling I bought You flowers, Darling And, I made Promises, my Dear I'll make it better, Baby I'll change the things that I can change I'm here Forever, Baby I'm here Forever 'til the end We were the best ones, Baby And, I just want more time Yes, I just want more time Just give me please more time with You One more time, Darling One more time, my Beautiful One more time, I'm asking Little Darling, just one more time One more time, Darling One more time, my Beautiful One more time, I'm asking Little Darling, just one more time Little Darling, just one more time...
I've never been too good at reading signals Sometimes I'm looking when there's none to see Your hieroglyphic means of conversation Never really done too much for me I need to know, do you feel more than you've shown? Or, am I chasing shadows hopelessly? Y'see, I'm pretty bad at reading signals And, you're really good at being hard to read Sometimes I wish that you had never called me It might have been much easier for me I was getting pretty good at being lonely It's really not as bad as it might seem Now, I'm confused, 'cause you don't leave many clues 'Bout where we stand or how you think of me I see my friends and sometimes they ask about you I tell 'em you're my Little Mystery I swing so fast from wanting to be near you To giving up to save my sanity And, I know you've got to figure out your own life Before you can share much of it with me But, more and more, all them kisses at your door Are leaving me with feelings bittersweet I sure don't want to be no one's distraction Won't you tell it to me straight, my Mystery? Can't you tell it to me clean, my Mystery? Or, will you always be my Little Mystery?


Bob Frey’s album “Ghost” is a stunning collection of sparse and timeless songs. Recorded in the waning days of winter in the Northern woods of Wisconsin, these songs are reflections on Time and Loss and Love and Struggle. Accomplished songwriting and stellar-but-understated musicianship make this a must-listen.

Rated an 8.5/10 in Maximum Volume Music, Damian Sullivan writes, "`Ghost` at times is a difficult listen. It's not that it's not enjoyable but that it's an honest account or reflection on things that the singer is enduring or has lived through and with and you almost feel that you are intruding on something really personal. This singer–songwriter has a what I’d call lived in vocal that really draws you in.... I think at times you could read whatever you want from the lyrics so we can all take something away. It's an emotional offering but I'm sure that is was quite liberating for the artist.
The message I will take from this album is that “Life is a journey to be lived and not a problem to be solved” and that's no bad thing."


released June 14, 2022

Bob Frey - Vocals / Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Rachel Calvert - Violin
Marc Conklin - Electric Guitar
*Engineered / Produced / Mastered by Corey Hess


all rights reserved



Bob Frey Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bob Frey is a longtime devotee to the art of writing and performing songs. His unique and memorable voice immediately engages his audience, the perfect vehicle for his wry, intelligent lyrics.
On each of these albums, Bob shows himself to be a versatile writer, his simple folk melodies forming a sound and solid base for his poetic observations and stories. He is the brother of author James Frey.
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