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Like A Train

by Bob Frey

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Like A Train 06:25
(Chorus) I'm gonna love you 'til the river runs dry, babe I'll love you 'til the river runs dry You'll be the only one I'll love you 'til the river runs dry My dear, we live in troubled times Everybody's choosing sides False believers telling lies The truth so carefully disguised On a bright November day In many doorways we did wait On a dark November eve We spoke in whispers about leaving Then, as now, I stood uncertain and unsure About the world around me So, I look inward now, I look to you, my love I look to you, my darling (Chorus) I've seen it time and time again To be less fortunate's a sin But, in the poorest quarters on the coldest nite Who's to say what's wrong or right? Some say it's treason to dissent Some say just trust the president Some say that every king must fall Others don't say much at all But, these days are not forever, it's just a place in time Temporary, like a train If we're desolate, it's only for a while My love, we'll be okay (Chorus)
Loralei 02:44
Loralei, Loralei, I ain't seen you for a while Loralei, Loralei, seems like the time's been slipping by Loralie, you could call me on the phone and I could see you tonite... Loralei, Loralei, looks like that sun is sinking low Loralei, Loralei, you know I've got no place to go Loralei, heard you were asking about me, but there aint't nothing to tell... Loralei, Loralei, I ain't angry anymore Loralei, it's just I've seen the sign, I've seen it written upon your door Loralei, just like a kite stuck in a tree, we were always high... But, never going nowhere, and we were bound to fall down... Loralei, Loralei, y'know I don't forget a thing Loralei, Loralei, perhaps it's better if you don't ring Loralei, I think we're better off like this... I think it's true in the end, all the most tragic of tales, always begin with a kiss
This is my song for Elle I play it in three-quarter time It's slow and it's simple, I wrote it this morning After holding her close as she cried This is my song for Elle At once, tough and fragile, it's true I can still see her there in the doorway, her hair falling down Her eyes tear-stained and blue This is my song for a dancer I think of her sometimes that way She's light and she's graceful, elegantly wistful As she moves through the steps of her day This is my song for a dreamer She's the girl with the world in her hands Now, she's feeling confused 'bout her moves What to do when the world don't work out like you planned? This is my song for Elle Take solace where solace is due Scorpio lover, the gray of November Seems it's forever following you This is my song for Elle Lover, leave all that darkness behind Do you remember that night when we stared at the lights on the ocean? I can still see them shining...
You tell me you're an artist, you've got nothing left to prove You tell me to be patient, everybody waits for you Time is on your side, and inspiration, too You tell me that there's genius in every little thing you do. You speak to me of knowledge, you speak to me of cost You say, "Are you paying attention, boy? 'Cause you're looking kind of lost" I say, "That ain't confusion that you're seeing, it's just your gleam is gone" Every time I see you, you just go on and on and on You can always tell a story, you can always drop a name You can answer every question, you're a master of the game You've got a face for every angle, you've got a face for me In the rain the other night, I'm still not certain if it's you that I did see You tell me order is important, there could never be enough But, what about compassion, baby, have you forgotten about love? Did you ever learn to listen, you always talk so loud Maybe someday I'll write a letter, asking "Tell me, are you lonesome now?"
California 07:24
From the time I've know you, you've been cursed and blessed Always said you were the one Always stood your ground, never would back down No, you would never be outrun Through the reels of bluster, I watched you muster A courage unforeseen Now, you've finally gotten all the things you wanted You got the prize, but now you're bleeding I watched you take your place, I saw it in her face She was scornful, like a queen With her band of righteous judges And, no sense of irony A baby waited, a Mother cried, as a Father looked away And, I wish that I could help you find A peaceful place to lay your body down (Chorus) California, do you think it let you down Sometimes I wonder if you should have stuck around Whoever's calling, I'll just tell them that you're not here But, everything's alright, and you'll be back before too long Do you still recall the way she looked when she was beautiful And, the shadow of a reckoning Before she changed her point of view Now, the truckstop lover makes the rules for all who come to stare And bear witness to the accident And, all that happened there (Chorus) It seems everywhere the people speak in rumour and regret I search for some sign of reason But it hasn't happened yet I stood by you through your darkest days, I've seen you broken down and busted And, I've seen it written on the walls "Only the poets should be trusted..."
Careful, Now 06:22
She said, "I do not come to bury you, I come to sing your praises" I said, "Then you should know that you're the one, dear, I should be careful of..." And, though I am not immune to all them whisper-to-me glances Don't think I confuse 'em with some subtle kind of love Just because you speak to me in a voice that smells like roses That don't mean that I don't see behind them rehearsed poses You could tell me tales and I could pretend to listen But, I'm sure we've both got better things to do... I try to keep it simpler the older that I get Take what I have learned and strip it all away Forever looking backwards, darling, I do not forget I've been with you a thousand times on a thousand other days And, just because you tell me 'bout all your glistening connections You give yourself, the confidante, but, I do not need protection You could tell me tales and I could pretend to listen But, I'm sure we've both got better things to do... She said, "I cannot believe you, tell me whatcha trying to say?" I said, "Take it as you want to, me, I take it from the side" She said, "I think that you mistake me..." as she turned the other way I said, "I only see you better, darling, the more you try to hide" Just because it's getting late and you're ready to go home now That don't mean that I'm the one to take you to your door now You could tell me tales and I could pretend to listen But, I'm sure we've both got better things to do...
We stood at the edge, I took your hand Faint, distant and far, there was blood in the wind You, you were not afraid, drawn to a call I watched you grow strong, after the fall I always think about time, so little of it is mine So, I spend it with you... Deep, deep in the winter, in the darkest of days You prepared a gift and you brought it to me You always live in the moment, say it's the "now" that's important So, you spend it with me... Now, as I lie down, I start to dream I see your face and the places we've been We watched the century burn, we watched it turn It was just like any other day But, hey, I'm still in love with you, babe...
Here I find myself again It's you, it's me and it's your friends It seems they always come around I know they think I'm kind of strange I'm from a different part of town One more wasted afternoon I spent sitting in your room Waiting for some kind of sign I've got things I should be doing And, I've got stuff upon my mind (Chorus) If it's all the same I'll just go home You won't find me hanging around anymore outside your door These flowers wilting as I hold 'em, you wouldn't want them anyway I think I'll just go home if it's all the same... I don't play guitar that good Least, not like the way I should after doing this so long But, still, I, every now and then Will try to come up with a song But, tonight I'm feeling tired Yeah, I'm dragging as I speak, you ain't listening anyway But, you won't let me go to sleep The morning ain't that far away... (Chorus) You don't have to say you'll call I don't need you to explain, I know you think I wish you would But, you couldn't change it anyway I don't know why I thought you could
Ages Away 03:37
(Chorus) I could write it all down if I could figure it out If I knew what I wanted to say The only thing that is clear is I want to be near you But, it feels like your ages away I guess it kind of happened fast From the first time that I saw you, I should have know, perhaps I know you were not looking, but, you answered when I asked And, now, I find that I am missing you, I don't want to put you past, no no no... The differences 'tween you and me are not that difficult to see I don't know, do you think that means that we could never be? But, then what about the vision I cannot seem to escape at night? Your little hands, your changing eyes that stared back into mine so many times... (Chorus) I know I live inside of my romantic world And, I don't think that that is something I can change I know it makes it hard for you to figure out what you should do Assuming that the question still remains I don't think that i need that much, it's a matter of position It's a matter of perception, and it hangs Suspended in the present, sounding echoes in the future I cannot hear them, but I know that they'll be ringing... (Chorus)
Welcome Home 05:51
I'm driving to St. Louis, it's about nine hours away But, time is just a measure, babe, yeah, the distance is okay I'm going to see a couple friends and to watch some baseball games Find a bar and talk awhile, listen to the band begin to play Watch that Mississippi glide south from Memphis all the way to New Orleans I crossed the line near Keokuk, into a light Missouri rain Though the sky is gray, baby, everything looks green Back in Minnesota, my lover waits for me I lingered in her goodbye kiss, she's the one I long to see If home is where the heart is, ain't that what somebody said? Then home, for me, is any place she's lying in my bed The days went fast, now i'm on the road again I've got time to think, I've got time to make some plans Sometimes, I've got to get away, if only to come home If only just to hear her say again (Chorus) Welcome home, welcome home, welcome home Welcome home, welcome home, welcome home Everywhere I go, no matter where I go I will always come home to you... With many miles behind me, I still got a few to go A song from 1966 plays on my radio The highway is a friend to me, that's how it's always been It takes me where I want to go, then it brings me back again The times will change, and grow this body old But, my eyes see just as clear as yesterday Though I start to tire as I drive into the night All i love awaits and I know i'll get home safe (Chorus)
I can do anything, but it's hard for me to play harmonica So, I go do something else...
August '95 07:31
I had no obligations on a summer afternoon I found myself among a crowd, but i was thinking about you The avenue was glistening just like right after it rains It was right before the night fell, my favorite time of day, My favorite time... There were vendors on the sidewalk, there were people in the street As I wandered through the festival just following my feet I listened to a candidate, and i heard him make a speech He said, "All these I promise you, they are well within our reach" I just walked on I bumped into a girl I used to kiss, we said "Hello" I hadn't seen her for some time, 'cause we never were that close But, she knew all about you, said she shared your point of view Though I wasn't sure just what she meant I said i shared it, too 'Cause, i usually do (Chorus) I don't want to talk about a revolution I just want to lie with you in bed all day Softly, through the window i can hear a radio Gently, I can feel you breathing as I watch you sleep The sky began to darken and the bands began to play A group of kids smoked cigarettes in a yard behind the stage I listened to some music, then I walked around some more Gave a buck to a magician doing tricks inside a doorway It disappeared I saw another girl, once was my friend, until she found the Truth Now, she just regards me as a stumble from her youth She used to call me all the time to tell me how to change 'Til, finally, i quit answering and the phone just rang and rang It rang and rang... (Chorus) Now, many summers later, I still think about that day For some reason I remember it though it grows further away Before I was a Father, before you were a wife Back in our early days when I was quite amazed to find you in my life I said "Come on in..." And, I'm glad you stayed (Chorus)


Yep, this is the one w/ "Song for Elle", "California", and, of course, the title track "Like A Train". A very solid record...


released December 18, 2007

bob frey - guitar, vocals, harmonica
corey hess - bass
paul loughridge - drums
marc conklin - lead guitar
krys metz - cello
james allen - lead acoustic guitar


all rights reserved



Bob Frey Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bob Frey is a longtime devotee to the art of writing and performing songs. His unique and memorable voice immediately engages his audience, the perfect vehicle for his wry, intelligent lyrics.
On each of these albums, Bob shows himself to be a versatile writer, his simple folk melodies forming a sound and solid base for his poetic observations and stories. He is the brother of author James Frey.
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